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Some things go unnoticed until you ride in another boat.

During your Regal research, you’ve no doubt heard a lot about FasTrac, LeatherCrest, and our proprietary LIFECore construction process, among other Regal highlights. Off-the-shelf products? Hardly. Each of these distinct Regal features was born in the Regal Research and Development department, the epicenter of our factory in Orlando, Florida.


The best of the best.

Vice President of Engineering, Pat Weisner, a 35-year industry veteran, leads a 30-person team dedicated to nothing but new product fabrication. This tight-knit squad of design engineers, field testers, architects and component fabricators averages 10 years of employment with Regal. And each day they arrive at 2300 Jetport Drive with the intent on moving the product needle forward, keeping innovation flowing throughout the product line.


Putting ideas into action.

Each year, hundreds of ideas and concepts are generated by the team and from Regal owners who use the product extensively and while many are discarded, a select few become new models, product upgrades or enhancements that truly make boating on a Regal better. But before these innovations arrive in your slip as a new boat, they are thoroughly tested at the most extreme levels. Each component on each boat receives more than 50 hours of heavy ocean testing in the surf off the East coast of Florida and 100 hours of additional testing by engineers. There, brave field testers do their best to break a Regal in half— literally— to ensure that the boat will stand up to incredible punishment. If it passes this test, it can certainly spend time in your slip.


The FasTrac Hull.

Since its debut in 1997, the patented and award-winning FasTrac hull design has been garnering acclaim from industry insiders and owners alike. The principle behind the hull is to reduce the surface tension while the boat moves through the water. The full-beam step forces air beneath the hull to reduce drag and friction while inverted strakes cause the boat to track straight and turn tight. With a reduction in friction, the FasTrac hull is able to achieve higher speeds and better fuel economy than boats of equal size and propulsion.


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